Vision & Mission

"To transform youth into professionals of global excellence with a deep concern for society."

Hari College believes in the power of imagination and innovation. The College imparts world class management, IT and professional education uphold. HCM envisions to make a compelling difference to the business world through the nurturing of young and talented human resources. In HCM, We aspire not just to produce managers but dynamic leaders in all spheres of industry globally and make a difference by emerging as responsible citizen and keeping the flagship of HCM flying high.

The college has dedicated itself to maintain high standard of academic excellence. At HCM, We dedicate our intellectual resources towards advancing the frontiers of business knowledge and educating future leaders. In a global, culturally diverse and technologically advanced social arena, characterized by rapid change and complex interdependence, our mission is "to produce winnable managers with new age competencies, clairvoyant vision and high level of integrity".